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Comprehensive Client Care

Our comprehensive system for servicing the needs of our clients is what we believe sets us apart from all other translation companies. From the very first contact through final delivery of the completed documents, great care and effort are taken to ensure that all our clients are entirely satisfied.

  1. Initial Contact: After receiving the documents, we maintain continuous contact with the client for the purpose of evaluating their specific needs.
  2. Needs Assessment: All jobs are accepted with the understanding that the task at hand is within our areas of expertise. If we feel the client's specific needs cannot be properly serviced by us, the assignment will be refused and alternatives will be offered.
  3. Fee calculation and quotation: After having reviewed the documents and accepted the assignment, in the context of the client's specific requirements, we calculate and issue a fee quote and commit to a maximum fee that stays within the client's budget. A contract is then drawn up and delivered to the client for final approval.
  4. Translation preparation: Based on a thorough analysis of the client's document, a specialized panel of translators will be assigned to the project. For each translation project, one section manager from the Translation Department will be responsible for assigning a translator or a translation team with the appropriate translation experience and background in the subject matter at hand. The responsibility of section manager is to ensure that our four-step translation process is strictly adhered to.
  5. Translation process: Translating, revising, proofreading and verifying are conducted by at least two independent professional translators and one senior proofreader. All translations are proofread on a word by word basis and are reviewed by a professional translation expert.
  6. Inspection: All completed translations will be inspected by one section manager of the Translation Department before being delivered to the client.
  7. Delivery: The completed and inspected translation is delivered to the client through his preferred method, i.e., via e-mail, post, and courier service.
  8. Quality tracking: A Quality Feedback form is typically sent to the client along with the finished translation in order to solicit feedback regarding client satisfaction. In this way, we are able to maintain and improve the quality of our services.
  9. Invoicing & collecting: Invoices are sent and monies collected per the terms of the contract.
  10. Free warranty service: With all translations, we provide a free warranty service for up to six (6) months from the date of delivery.