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Pricing Explained

Our translation services are priced on the basis of the document's content and the client's specific requirements, real need and budget.Generally speaking, we only issue fee quotes for documents we have examined first and prices are determined on the basis of translation costs. These costs are influenced by a number of factors including, but not limited to:

Factor 1: Number of words/characters in the source document
The most significant factor in calculating the overall price of your translation is the number of words or characters in the source document. By 'source document' we mean the document you submit for a quotation. The price is based on the number of English words or Chinese characters in the source document. It can be quoted in Chinese, American, British, or Australian currency, euros, or another internationally accepted currency.

Factor 2: Client's quality level requirements
The quality level requested will have a direct impact on the price.

Factor 3: Delivery Deadline
To accommodate an urgent deadline, it is sometimes necessary to work weekends or split jobs between several translators and recombine the finished document (under the watchful eye of an experienced lead translator). Premium time and extra resources cost us more so, in turn, we need to pass the added cost onto the client. As a rule, lower fees are associated with less urgent and more flexible delivery dates.

Factor 4: Format of the source documents
The format in which you supply the source document greatly affects the time required to perform the translation and, hence, the price. It is considerably quicker and easier for us to work with Microsoft Word files than with handwritten documents or scanned files.

Factor 5: Format of the finished documents
We can supply documents as standard computer files and printed hardcopy quickly, easily and, therefore, at no additional cost. However, if you need us to convert the finished document into unusual, multiple or complex file formats, e.g., multiple columns, etc., this additional effort does incur a surcharge.

Factor 6: Translation from English to Chinese or from Chinese to English
(The cost for a translation from Chinese to English is usually higher than that for a translation from English to Chinese.)

Factor 7: Content complexity & level of area expert required
Experts command a premium for their services. Complex technical, medical and legal documents are likely to be more expensive than, say, general business correspondence. For this reason, we always ask to see the document (or a sample of the document) to be translated before quoting a price. In this way we are able to assign a translator with the appropriate level of expertise at a fair price for the quality level you have requested.

Regular clients do receive special preference. Discount rates will be determined on the basis of the per order size or aggregate size over time.

Additionally, a client may help us to lower the costs of translation and, hence, lower the total price by changing some of the price factors, e.g., quality level or delivery date.

Price Inquiry

Our quotation is based on the specific translation tasks and the client's requirements.For details, please contact us via e-mail with the following information:

  1. Your contact details: including the contact person, name of the company, department, telephone, e-mail, address and postal code, etc..
  2. Description of the materials to be translated: including type of document, subject matter, format of the original document, quantity of materials and whether they include graphics or tables that need special processing or not.
  3. Translation language, i.e., from Chinese to English or from English to Chinese.
  4. Translation requirements: Format of the translation, quality requirements, deadlines and other requirements.

If the materials to be translated are ready, we suggest that you send the materials to us as soon as possible. We will contact you in a timely manner with a price quotation.

The New Bridge Advantage

We always and strictly implement our quality assurance measures, guarantee the sustainable and stable quality of the translation and provide quality translation services so that only high quality documents are delivered to our clients.

We not only assure quality, but we also make certain that the price is reasonable. We see to it that our clients are extremely satisfied with us and, and as a result, we maintain long-term relationships with our clients